Welcome to Casa Garcia.

Casa Garcia was born in 2000 as a cooperative, which in 2004, after the dissolution of this, he would become SL

A company dedicated to the development of natural products, providing quality products with craftsmanship.
At that time we only Bamos dedicated to the production of roasted peppers, but to detect the demand for new products we decided to expand our offer.
Today we have a varied catalog, both in products and quantities, offering everything from pots to small and comfortable hospitality recommended cubes.
For the development of our products, we work both with traditional methods as modernized machinery, industrial way.

From South America, this vegetable known for its high content of vitamin C and therefore is indicated for the prevention of infectious diseases.

This vegetable is high in potassium, so it is highly recommended for people suffering from hypertension, preventing blood pressure. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C.

Snail meat is prized for its texture, as it is valued for its nutritional value. Cial provides essential proteins that our body can not produce and low-calorie.

Pimientos Casa Garcia SL.

Poligono Industrial Gandul
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Sevilla - España

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